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Purple Bricks are one of the leading online realtors across the UK and pioneered the nu-wave of online marketing for property sales, slashing high % commissions of traditional high street agents. 


What we did

Purple Bricks agents are completely self-employed but trade under the Purple Bricks ‘umbrella’ allowing them to use their marketing and branding materials. 

There are no high street offices meaning agents spend a lot of time on the road and out of coffee shops catching up on the administrative side of the role. 

Agents approached us asking what we could do for them and we knew straight away that we wanted to avoid the traditional marketing strategy of business cards which would probably just turn into coffee coasters.

With laptops always on show and agents having no branded uniforms of any sort, we knew needed to get the logo in the forefront of potential consumers. 

We designed some durable vinyl adhesives that stick to laptop shells which became their natural advertisement aid as well as their vital production tool. 

The idea quickly spread around the Purple Bricks agent community and we ended up producing over 500 of these for agents across the UK.