Simpler, safer and fairer journeys.

Foraira is an executive airport travel company based in the South Coast of England. Offering competitive prices by letting drivers bid for the trip at the most favourable price to the passenger. 

What we did

Foriara approached us with a fantastic idea for a business after having spent years in the private hire industry. They had a great foundation for an idea and knew they needed a website, but they were struggling on how to create a booking system without a super high budget to use expensive commercial automation systems.

After various meetings with the founder/owner Khaled, we had researched that over 94% of airport bookings were made on the day of travel. With this in mind we knew we had to make the website very minimalistic and straight forward to retain potentially visitors. 

overcoming problems

Our client, Khaled leads a very busy running three other businesses. We needed to find a solution to his booking system where he would not need to be in front of a desktop or constantly monitoring any kind of database. 

Before coming to MAEFIFTYONE, Khaled was manually sending trip requests to a number of drivers, waiting for them to respond with their prices, going back to the customer with the prices and vehicle options and then finally going back to the chosen driver to confirm. This is way too time consuming for our client.


We devised a booking system using simple forms and a bit of custom coding/java which would automatically send the trip details to a cohort of drivers depending on the customer’s requirements. This also meant Khaled would automatically be sent a confirmation directly to the inbox on his phone so he would have full overview of any potential bookings coming in. 

It would then be the task of the cohort of drivers to send Khaled their bids. Leaving the ownership with them and freeing up time for Khaled to focus on his other businesses but still being able to make potentially make money without being a ‘middle man’.